Sharp line drawings from most famous neighbourhoods

SERVICES: Development

Designers already draw out the many small neighbourhoods and buildings of more than 100 cities. WIJCK. prints are produced on unique, vintage paper and available in 5 different sizes, with or without a black wooden frame.

WIJCK. prints fit into each interior design, perfect to hang on your wall at home or in the office. From promotional gifts, office- and shop design, to a fully customized WIJCK. collection. WIJCK. creates a fast and simple design for each project you can think of. Order online in the webshop or on request when a custom made print is desired. A well-functioning webshop is a crucial part in WIJCK’s success.


Success leads to a taste for more


Most entrepreneurs start with a simple tool to set up a webshop. Despite being convinced the developed concept will succeed there is usually a lack of proper investment in advanced software.

WIJCK. started out with Shopify, a system that helps you set up a webshop pretty easy. During the first year, with growth and increased interest in WIJCK. products, the need for a system with a high technical standard also increased in order to service webshop customers even faster and better.


Development challenges

The design and website’s desired functionality was provided by WIJCK.

The biggest challenge of the development process was the thorough research that had to be done on how to design a new platform with functionalities that match the Shopify features that worked for WIJCK. in the past. Also the expansion, but at the same time simplification of the order process was an interesting challenge.

A blueprint for the future

With the new webshop WIJCK. will be able to provide customers with the professional service they’re looking for. Obviously this doesn’t mean that the development process had reached its end. Improvement and expansion remain necessary to keep beating the competition.

Possible future actions:

● Further optimization of the customers users experience.
● Linking multiple suppliers for different products.
● Making WIJCK. known in more countries/adding more languages
● Change the site automatically based on your location. If you’re in Berlin for example, the homepage will change with Berlin images and German content. Without the user having to do anything.