Building a large fanbase by using visual storytelling for the Gen-Z generation

SERVICES: Strategy, Web Design, Graphic Design

VPRO, a big public broadcast corporation in the Netherlands, was launching a new youth series ’De regels van Floor’. In order to build and maintain a large fanbase amongst a young target audience, a traditional approach would not suffice. Generation Z is growing up surrounded by technological innovations such as mobile internet, smartphones and social media.

To reach this digital native audience, choosing the right channel and creating relevant content are of the utmost importance. Snapchat proved the perfect fit, with it’s ephemeral nature appealing to the quick and volatile nature of media consumption within Gen-Z.


Key results


Viewer ratings increased with 225% Making use of visual storytelling through a series of, results went through the roof! Throughout the campaign, viewer ratings increased by 225%, enabling VPRO to create a steady base of friends for ‘Floor’ in a hard to grasp target group that is Gen-Z. See you soon for season 2!