A major leading telco company

Improving revenue by reducing churn and upgrading customer value.

CLIENT: A major leading telco company in the Netherlands
EXPERTISES: Data science & A.I, marketing & E-commerce

A major leading telco company
We used data science and machine learning in order to improve the revenue of the client base of a major telco company in the Netherlands. 

The Out-of-Contract period is a critical period for telco companies for retaining their customers. Customers have two choices: extending their contract or switching to another provider. Reaching out to your customers in this period with the right content and at the right moment, is key to sustain a valuable customer base. Do it wrong and you will lose your customer, do it right and you will grow your base and brand.


Using Ai & data sources

We created an A.I., machine learning based solution to increase the value of their customers.

The solution utilizes existing data sources, to predict who will churn and who will retain. We now know who are their loyal customers and who they have to convince to stay.

We then developed a predictive model to predict the customer lifetime value in order to decide who we will contact with an offer and which customers are of too little value to justify the costs of contacting. We then build a next-best-offer algorithm in order to predict the best offer per individual customer in order to personalize the campaign and improve conversions.

Our input led to a fully automated scalable 1-to-1 marketing process.




- 5%


- 20%


Key results

  1. Fully automated, scalable 1-to-1 marketing solutions wich had led to instant EBITDA improvement

  2. Efficiently allocating marketing budgets on the right customers, pinpointing at value and churn risk;

  3. Massively decreasing churn rate by > 5% through contacting their customers with a personalized offer

  4. Decreasing costs (-20%) of marketing campaigns as the solution is fully automated and self-learning

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Ulke Verkerk
Founder / CEO