Plus retail

Helping PLUS with gathering feedback from their customers to remain in a good relationship with them.

CLIENT: Plus retail
EXPERTISES: Data science, Research

Plus retail
PLUS Retail is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the Netherlands; they have 260 grocery stores.

Because of the recession during the early 21st century, Dutch retail has suffered a lot. Big retailers were forced to lower their prices. As a consequence, consumers were getting used to these lower prices and deals. Therefore it was still hard for retailers to keep their customers. For PLUS - a retailer that always chooses quality over quantity – it was important to remain a good relationship with their customers. Since 2002, PLUS has been using an online panel, but this didn’t help the retailer achieving their goal. They needed a better panel, and Blue Field Agency created one for them. An online panel that truly stimulates customers to share their opinions and ideas on a regular basis.


A research panel for PLUS Retail


By regularly participating in the community, customers share their opinions and continuously help franchisers with, among other things, shop interior and campaign planning. Due to the research panel by Blue Field Agency, PLUS Retail receives clear insights, while the commitment and loyalty of their customers grows measurably.     







Key results


PLUS Retail has managed to become a much more customer-centric organization. The voice of the customer is now heard clearly. For instance, the feedback from the panel is used to restructure the stores’ interiors and re-evaluate promotion campaigns and deals.

During Christmas time and public holidays, customer can try and taste new recipes in the stores of PLUS to get inspired. Afterwards, feedback about these tasting moments is collected within the online panel. This has a measurable contribution to the growth of the satisfaction, loyalty and commitment of the customers.