City of Amsterdam

Creating a campaign against street intimidation for Amsterdam to raise awareness about the issue.

CLIENT: Gemeente Amsterdam
SERVICES: Strategy, Campaign, Advertising

City of Amsterdam
Many people don’t realise the impact that words can have. They can make you feel unsafe and afraid on the street, and can make you adjust you behaviour accordingly. If you have ever been threatened, abused or called at, you know: words are not always just words, they get under your skin.


Hurtful phrases on the skin of the victims


The City of Amsterdam is fed up with improper street behaviour, and asked us to develop an impactful campaign that really addresses the issue.

In the images, we 'tattooed' hurtful phrases on the skin of the victims, showing the lasting effect these words have. The campaign will be deployed as both print and digital abri’s.





A decrease in registration figures

Earlier this year, a study by Amsterdam research agency OIS showed that the number of Amsterdam women who had to deal with street harassment fell slightly in 2017.

You don't always just get rid of words.

The Gemeente Amsterdam started the campaign to make people aware of the consequences of street harassment. Many people would not realize that victims carry the words they are hurled for a long time to come. "You don't always just get rid of words."

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Merijn Nauta
Senior Creative