Organizing accountability for Ensia to guarantee the privacy and information security of citizens.

EXPERTISES: Data science & A.I, marketing & E-commerce

Our challenge was to organize accountability, so that information security and privacy of citizens remains guaranteed.

Municipalities are increasingly confronted with hacks, unsafe websites or data breaches. Information security and privacy are therefore increasingly placed on the municipal agendas. Therefore it is of great importance to organize accountability, so that the information security and privacy of citizens remains guaranteed.



ENSIA helps municipalities to account for information security based on the BIG in one go. The focus of ENSIA is on horizontal accountability: within the municipality, with an important role for the city council.

ENSIA also structures the vertical accountability to the central government, for example the Personal Records Database (BRP), Passport Implementing Regulations (PUN), Digital Person Identification (DigiD), Basic Addresses and Buildings Registration (BAG), Basic Registration of Large-Scale Topography (BGT), Basic Registration of Subsurface (BRO) and the Structure Implementing Organization Work and Income (SUWI).


Development of questionnaires

We developed some self-evaluation questionnaires for our online self-evaluation tool: CViews. Municipalities can log in to a secure environment, complete the questionnaires and upload files at the same location.

The given answers can be found within this platform. Municipalities have access to well-arranged reports that provide municipalities with insights into the status of their information security. Thus, the collected data can be used immediately for accountability to the regulator. This new audit system, the Eenduidige Normatiek Single Information Audit (ENSIA), started in 2017.


Key results

ENSIA strives for an information system for information security that is as effective and efficient as possible: six registration systems are brought together into one platform.

The accountability process on information security with ENSIA is also in line with the municipal planning & control cycle. This reduces the administrative pressure of municipalities. Moreover, it offers the municipality more insights into the state of affairs with regard to information security, so that the municipality can manage this in a better way.

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