Upgrading the brand communication from ENGIE to support their ambition.

SERVICES: Brand architecture, Strategy, Graphic Design

ENGIE is a global energy and services group, focused on three core activities : low-carbon power generation, global networks and customer solutions.

To support their ambition ENGIE needs strong and consistent brand communication. Link Design was contracted to update and streamline the global brand guidelines specific for the Dutch Market. As a result we developed an updated corporate brand manual with clear guidelines how to use and communicate the brand ENGIE within the Netherlands.


Transform to a ‘branded house’.


Different brands in both the B2B and B2C markets prove the success of a mono-fire strategy. The core idea of this strategy is that all sub-labels or business units can benefit from a strong main brand. With the big advantage: efficiency. Successful brands are not only relevant, they are also consistent. Being part of a group makes you strong. But a certain amount of space is also needed to be successful. Therein lies the challenge: unity with room for diversity.

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Wouter Pasman