Centraal Planbureau

Improving the communication strategy of Centraal Planbureau (CPB) by targeted content creation and distribution.

CLIENT: Centraal Planbureau
SERVICES: Strategy, Web Design, Graphic Design

Centraal Planbureau
Centraal Planbureau (CPB) requested a new way of content creation and distribution. After a target audience research, we found out that most readers and users of the information we more triggered by a ‘pyramid’ way of communication. This means that you start communicating with the most important information.


Bringing critical insights on the table


After half a dozen of workshop with multiple stakeholders, and in-depth research into communication processes, we reached into few very valuable insights into how exactly different target group segments consume information and what their priorities are.

Based on that, and using design thinking methodologies, we came up with an entirely new way of structuring the reports, that improved the workflows of everyone involved: from researches to journalists to academics and more.






Key results


CPB saves €80.000 per topic for the partners, because they don’t have to recreate content by themselves. Based on unsolicited feedback, the user satisfaction has increased enormously. Moreover, the distribution of the content is much wider duo to the exponential increase in media exposure.


“Link Design/Bluefield has helped the CPB enormously with renewing the design of all publications and the website. It has been given a fresh and contemporary look. Moreover, it fits in much better with the needs of the target groups of the CPB.”

Suzanne Gils - Chief communication/Executive Secretary CPB

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Delyan Pragov
Senior Creative