Blond Amsterdam

Development of a custom made Warehouse Management System for Blond Amsterdam.

CLIENT: Blond Amsterdam
SERVICES: Development

Blond Amsterdam
Blond Amsterdam opened its door in 2001 with a little studio/shop in the famous Spuistraat in Amsterdam. Owners Femque van Geffen and Janneke Dröge have one goal: they want to make people happy.

Femque and Janneke design all illustrations themselves, sitting opposite of each other in their studio. They work with love and a lot of fun. Nowadays you may recognise their touch of Blond worldwide. The blushing, colourful style. With little snappy texts. And always a twist. Originally the illustrations only appeared on pottery.

Today Blond has developed its range of products. Cheerful greeting cards, school supplies, cans, tea, aprons, oven cloths, t-shirts, duvet covers and loads more. They’re all gifts that make you happy. These can be ordered in the store or in the webshop, both by individuals as well as retailers.


Warehousing in a digital world


By expanding the product portfolio, the number of customers and country scope where Blond Amsterdam’s products are sold, a flawless flow from order to delivery is crucial to be successful.

Blond Amsterdam has asked Immense to develop a custom made Warehouse Management System (WMS) for them. The development of the new WMS coincided with the physical construction of a new warehouse for Blond Amsterdam’s products. Main focus point was the link between the webshop, stock management and the WMS with an optimal goods management as a result.


Building on efficiency

The warehouse process

The new designed and developed WMS is based on the 4 steps in the fulfillment process:

● Goods received
● Put away
● Replanishment
● Order picking

Ordered products, made in China, are shipped to the Netherlands in containers. The moment the products arrive the warehousing process starts. A purchase order with Blond Amsterdam is linked to Navision and the WMS. Navision for stock management, WMS for goods registration and goods movements.

In the warehouse not only products are stored that are ordered using the Blond Amsterdam site and are picked up by the Dutch postal service, but also through other channels like An efficient setup of the warehouse is important for an optimal distribution of the products, the WMS is important for Blond Amsterdam’s logistical chain as a whole.


Process optimisation as a goal

The Warehouse Management System itself was technically built without a problem.

The challenge was to get an overview of the complete process, from order to delivery and then incorporate this flow flawlessly in the WMS.

The great benefit of the custom made WMS is that exceptions can be built. Order picking and manually scanning ordered products used to be based on a fixed set up of the warehouse in the first version of the WMS. Blond Amsterdam expressed their needs to change the setup of the warehouse themselves, if desired. Those possibilities have been integrated in a next version of the WMS.