We beat challenges by
realizing accountable growth.

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We beat challenges by realizing accountable growth.

The world around us is changing rapidly. Extremely rapidly. Sometimes these changes can be challenging. But we - Bluefield - can beat every single challenge.

A little while ago, Bluefield consisted of five different companies. Companies with an own expertise. But we are stronger together than we are alone, right?

And then, there was Bluefield. Our history together is short, but one thing is sure. We will create many years of rich heritage together. Why? Because we are an unique combination of more than 100 employees. Different, authentic, talented and continuously developing experts in marketing, technology, data & design. Because of this strong mixture, no challenge is too hard for us.

We beat challenges by realizing accountable growth for our clients. We accomplish this through determining the real contribution of our 4 expertises - marketing, technology, data & design - to their business objectives. We always focus on the urgent needs of our clients. Moreover, we believe in design thinking: daring to think in another way than others do.

The integration of accountable growth, design thinking and our employees, creates a personalized customer journey and a measurable end-to-end solution for our clients.

What our clients want, differs. But the results we deliver have one thing in common: accountable growth. That’s what it’s all about.

We’re proud to work with partners from a wide range of industries. Would you like to join our family?

Through the years our talented team has earned numerous prestigious awards.

Stijn Mouris
Junior data scientist
Wadim Buchmüller
Senior Consultant
Marco Kroes
Financial controler
Karin Merkx
Business manager/PA
Janneke Verkerk-Hesse
Marjolein Biermans
Marc de Roo
Tristan Dickinson
Senior Marketeer
Jesse Luk
Business Development
Kim Lans
Creative Director
Erik Klein Nagelvoort
Bob Siebeling
Client Director
Jonathan Seeleman
Senior Strategy Director
Erik Jan Hengstmengel
Group CTO Geschäftsführer in München
Stefan Smit-Verkooyen
Bart van Brenk
Campaign Manager
Patric Weiler
Senior Director Marketing DACH
Daisy van Oostrom
Senior datascientist
Tessa Snijders-Harmsen
Sabine den Daas
Senior datascientist
Geert Telkamp
Junior datascientist
Alexander Zut
Sales assistant
Helene Kratz
Medior datascientist
Ulke Verkerk
Founder / CEO
Erick Wilts
Data Scientist
Lucie Verkuijlen
Project manager
Ivo van Ham
Jolanda Poleij
Office management
Celine Mataheru
campaign manager
Laurette Haas
Marije Cornelisse
Director Research & Data
Martine van Doornmalen
Team manager
Nicolien van Peursem
Paul van den Heuvel
Ramesh Vanenburg
Projectmanager Cviews
Roel Jansen
Rutger de Beurs
Projectmanager Cviews
Sander Nieuwkerk
Sergio van Keulen
Directeur CViews
Suzanne Plantinga
Team manager
Tim Barenbrug
Director Speech&Text Analytics
Wibout van Woerkom
Wim Woning
Research Consultant
Xandra van der Linden
Consultant kwalitatief onderzoek
Casper van Tilburg
Jorian Stevering
Benny van den Hoogen
Jochem Rutte
Online consultant
Jordi Kuijer
Online consultant
Franklin A-Tjak
Online consultant
Selm de Heus
Georgio Sterk
Just de Haan
Online consultant
Youri Fritz
UX designer
Talitha Berger
Online consultant
Claire van de Schootbrugge
Project manager
Maarten Stoffels
Content manager
Bobbie Hondeveld
Joep Gravemaker
Vivian Premsela
Annelieke Bezemer
Project management
Renee Müller
Merijn Nauta
Senior Creative
Delyan Pragov
Senior Creative
Wouter Pasman
Maarten van Enkhuizen
Senior Digital Creative
Marjolein Licht
Joline Baas